Business Continiuty Officer

თბილისი სრული განაკვეთი ლიბერთი ბანკი
გამოცდილება: 2 - 3 წლამდე ენები: ინგლისური, ქართული
საბანკო: საბანკო(ზოგადი)

Liberty Bank is seeking candidate who is exceptional BUSINESS CONTINUITY OFFICER (BCO).

Job summary

Business Continuity officer focuses on ensuring continuity in business processes before, during, and after a disaster. All business continuity plans should be executed as a team, with individuals from all appropriate departments in to get the business up and running again after a disaster.

Manage the implementation and day-­‐to-­‐day functions related to creating Business Continuity Plans and Procedures, while also managing Disaster Recovery operations within the firm.

The mission of business continuity officer is:

  • take all necessary actions to prevent major business disruption occurrence.
  • resume support for all business functions and processes within the agreed time-­‐frame.
  • control the impact of a major business disruption to an agreed level.
  • continue to fulfil regulatory requirements in case of a major business disruption.
  • develop, maintain, consistently deploy, and continually improve its management System.

Key objectives of business continuity officer

Contingency Planning – Identify potential Business Interruptions, develop safeguards against these interruptions, and implement recovery procedures in the event of a business interruption. Provide documentation and training on Contingency Planning concepts and procedures.

Disaster Recovery – Aid the Disaster Recovery Team in safeguarding data processing operations by identifying potential problem areas and single points of failure that may result in interruptions to critical data processing operations. Develop and implement Disaster Recovery, Data Sensitivity, Library Management, Back-­‐up and Recovery, and Disaster Recovery Plans and Procedures.

Business Recovery – Develop safeguards and Business Recovery Plans and Procedures governing the remote Business Offices and Operations associated with the organization. Insure that Corporate Asset Protection procedures cover critical Business Resources located at Business Offices.

Risk Management – Identify and Categorize outage exposures that could cause a business interruption, then obtain Insurance and Vendor agreements whenever necessary to safeguard against a disaster event. Responsible for insuring that Business and Regulatory Requirements are adhered to and that implemented recovery procedures and contracts are cost justifiable.

Development – Directing or assisting in the development of Business Continuity Plans and Procedures, and providing regular status updates to the Operational Risk Steering Committee.

Change Management – Assessing the Business Continuity implications of proposed technological or organizational changes, and coordinating any revisions to existing Business Continuity Plans and Procedures necessitated by such changes.

Administration – Coordinating routine updates to the detailed information supporting the Business Continuity Procedures (e.g., contact lists, personnel assignments, hardware and software specifications, network diagrams, vital records management and inventory lists, off-­‐site back-­‐up schedules, etc.). Coordinating electronic access to, and hard copy distribution of, the Business Continuity Plans and Procedures. Administering contracts and service agreements with Business Continuity service providers.

Training and Awareness – Ensuring all personnel with specific Business Continuity responsibilities are adequately trained to fulfill their assigned responsibilities. Ensuring all employees maintain their familiarity with the relevant provisions of the Business Continuity Plans.

Testing and exercising – Ensuring that all technical components of the Business Continuity Plans are successfully tested at least annually, or whenever significant changes are made to those components. Planning and coordinating at least one simulation exercise a year, involving all critical business units. Documenting the results of all tests and exercises, and identifying any recommended enhancements to the Business Continuity Plans and Procedures.

Execution – Providing 7x24 on-­‐call support for any emergency, which may require activation of all or part of the Business Continuity Plans. In the event that activation is required, serving as liaison between the Crisis Management Team (i.e., senior management) and the Business Continuity Teams (i.e., the teams recovering operations at the alternate facilities and the teams restoring operations at the home facility).

Key responsibilities

  • Manage the development of business continuity plans (BCP).
  • Identification of business continuity requirements and solutions.
  • Identification of risks to business continuity, mitigation actions and implementation follow-­‐up.
  • Manage the annual business continuity test plan.
  • Develop and maintain training and awareness program and collateral.
  • Main all administration of the BCM System.
  • Identify improvements opportunities to the BCM System.

Assume management responsibility for Business Contingency planning efforts with a major focus on assuring the adequacy of business unit contingency plans for critical business areas, functions and applications. To maintain continued operations, asset protection, and loss mitigation in the event of a disruption, coordinating activities of technology resources with the company’s business units and development groups, as required.

Work with business unit management to enhance contingency plans, mitigating the effect of a technology system or application failure or problem. Key objectives are that business units can continue to manage the firm’s assets, satisfy our regulatory obligations, and maintain our presence in the market place.

Perform periodic reviews and tests of established Business Continuity Plans and procedures, reporting findings to management and making recommendations for improvements as needed.

Required skills

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Fluency in Georgian and English
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point…
  • Highly structured and organized, with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Autonomous and proactive.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Background in IT and business continuity/risk management is an advantage.

Qualification include:

  • 2-­‐3 years' experience in business continuity, or related fields.
  • Strong analytical, organizational, and decision-­‐making skills.
  • Strong verbal / written communications. Must be able to interface and coordinate work efficiently and effectively with business partners in remote locations.
  • Strong administrative skills, with effectiveness in developing tasks and managing resources to achieve target dates.
  • Must be a leader and a productive team player.
  • Travel and off-­‐hour on-­‐call support required.

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