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UNICEF Tbilisi requests proposals for a local organization

To develop training materials and conduct a training course for judges, lawyers and social workers on ensuring the primary consideration of the best interests and participation of the child in civil and administrative proceedings

Submit your proposal with unit price(s) in GEL together with vendor registration form, as instructed, on or before closing time.

  • Note that failure to submit proposal in GEL, or in accordance with the requested terms, will result in automatic invalidation of your application.        
  • In addition, please note that:
  •  UNICEF and its implementing partners are VAT exempt. Kindly ensure that all price(s) quoted in GEL are excluding VAT;
  • For transparency of the process we require that the proposals are received in the sealed form (sealed envelopes);
  • It is important that you read all of the provisions, to ensure that you understand UNICEF’s requirements and can submit an offer in compliance with them. This includes submission of ALL documents requested. Note that your proposals should be submitted in English using the enclosed format. Proposals received in any other manner or after the indicated above deadline will be INVALIDATED.
  • Evaluation criteria will be based on reliability of the organization, suggested methodology and approach, best price and proposal terms. The ratio between the technical and price criteria is 70:30.
  • In case of pre-payment request, bank guarantee letter should be submitted



In order to be considered for an award, your technical and price proposals should be hand delivered in separate sealed envelopes and placed in the locked Tender Box located at the Ground Floor of UN House, 9 Eristavi Street, Vake, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia NO LATER than 15:00 of 19 July 2018.


While the price proposals remain sealed until the technical evaluation is completed, the technical envelopes will be opened immediately after the closing time and forwarded to the unit designated to manage the selection process. One representative from each bidding company may attend the opening process.

The sealed envelopes should be labeled as follows: (1) P-GEO- 9141048-007 Technical Proposal and (2) P-GEO- 9141048-007 - Price Proposal.

Technical Proposal should include:      

Organizational profile and description of its activity, presentation of the organization (address, contact person, experience, partners, portfolio); Documents certifying the requested (In TOR) qualification requirements; CVs of suggested experts indication of their tasks; Project proposal; Description of the proposed work plan, timeline, and working methodology;

Price Proposal should include:  Cover letter; Proposed budget in GEL with indication of proposed fees for involved experts;

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, contact persons: Ia Tchanukvadze 2251130 #231

Terms of References


For a local organization To develop training materials and conduct a training course for judges, lawyers and social workers on ensuring the primary consideration of the best interests and participation of the child in civil and administrative proceedings




UNICEF, with the support of the European Union, aims to promote the establishment of an effective child-friendly justice system by dedicated regulatory framework and implementation mechanisms. Overall purpose of the joint EU-UN project is to increase the opportunities for children to have equal and meaningful access to justice by harmonizing the national legislation with international standards, strengthening specialization of the justice system; creation of  data collection systems and development  of a child-friendly environment (child-friendly spaces, child-friendly procedures, and specialization of  professionals).

In the direction of specialization of professionals, UNICEF initiated and supported specialization training courses for judges, prosecutors, police, lawyers and social workers working with children in criminal justice system. According to the State Strategy on Reforming the Justice System for Children, specialization of professionals should be expanded to civil and administrative areas as well.

The Civil Code of Georgia provides a number of issues concerning children which are reviewed by the courts under the civil law proceedings: determination of child’s place of residence and issues of upbringing of a child in case of disagreement between parents; restriction, suspension or deprivation of parental rights; restoration of parental rights; alimony; adoption of a child or annulment of a child adoption act; cases initiated by the child upon attainment the age of 14 in case of violence from the sides of parents, violation of property rights or on other issues. 


Administrative bodies (the Social Service Agency) and the courts may review and take decisions on the following matters concerning children:  placement of a child in alternative care; referral and responding the challenging behavior (“antisocial behavior”) of a child; protection of children from violence and etc.  The Administrative Procedural Code of Georgia refers to “the best interests of the minor to be taken into consideration, suitable to his/her age and level of development” in the case of legal proceedings regarding a fact of domestic violence towards a child, at each stage of the legal proceedings, including interviewing. 


The multi-stakeholder discussions with the judges, lawyers, social workers and other professionals demonstrate that there is a lack of knowledge and skills on how to properly assess and determine the best interests of an individual child and how to ensure hearing the views of the child and give it due weight in the decision making of cases concerning children.


Furthermore, it is worth referring to the recent judgement of the European Court for Human Rights against Georgia where the Court established the violation of the child`s right to family and private life which among other violations implied an inadequate representation of children  before the domestic courts, unclear functions and poor capacity of the domestic agency authorized to represent children,   an inadequate assessment of children’s best interests and inconsideration  of their emotional state of mind.


UNICEF is planning support specialization of professionals and develop a package for judges, lawyers and social workers working on civil and administrative cases involving children and provide trainings to about 150 professionals.


Main Objective of the Consultancy


UNICEF seeks to hire a local organization to provide technical support in developing training packages for judges, lawyers and social workers on the best interests of the child and hearing the views of the child considering specific age-related and other needs, in civil and administrative cases. In addition, contracted organization is expected to provide 2-3 day trainings to about 150 professionals (2 groups of judges, 2 groups of social workers, 2 groups of lawyers).


Specific Tasks: 

  • In cooperation with UNICEF and relevant training institutes to develop a package of training materials for judges, lawyers and social workers with particular focus on the assessment and determination of the best interests of the child and hearing the views of the child in civil and administrative proceedings.  The modules shall contain necessary modifications considering the specific role of each group of professionals in civil proceedings. The package shall cover legal and psychological issues as well as issues concerning assessment of children in civil and administrative cases. The package shall also cover specific approaches and skills for assessing and determination of the best interests and hearing the views of the child by applying different, needs and age-oriented communication techniques and methodologies;
  • In close coordination with the training institutions of relevant beneficiary organizations define criteria for potential candidates and assist in the selection of professionals for the training;
  • Assist UNICEF and relevant training institutions in organizing trainings;
  • Facilitate 2-3 day trainings for the six groups (20 persons per group) of professionals (2 groups of lawyers, 2 group of judges; 2 groups of social workers);
  • Develop recommendations for the integration of the training package into existing training programmes. 




  • A training package with separate modules for the three different groups of professionals (i. lawyers, ii. Judges; iii. social workers) by end of August 2018;
  • List of professionals to be trained, training agendas and materials by end of September;
  • Report on the trainings conducted and detailed recommendations for the integration of training package into existing programmes. 




The contractor will work under the direct supervision and guidance of UNICEF Georgia’s Child Protection Specialist and Child Protection Officer.





Duration and mode of consultancy:


The contract will last till mid December 2018. UNICEF will support the contractor in establishing contact and meetings with all relevant partners and stakeholders.


Required qualifications, experiences and competencies:


  • Intensive experience of working in the areas of child protection and civil and administrative justice;
  • Experience in designing training modules, concepts, practical tools, manuals and materials for professionals working with children;
  • Experience in organizing and facilitating trainings for various specialists including justice professionals on issues concerning children in the justice system, more specifically, children in civil and administrative law proceedings;
  • Practical work experience on issues concerning children in civil and administrative law proceedings;  
  • Comprehensive knowledge of local justice system and international standards and experience on child friendly justice;
  • Ability to offer high level technical expertise in the justice, social work and psychosocial fields;
  • Networking experience.



Performance indicators

The contractor’s performance will be evaluated against the following criteria: timeliness, responsibility, initiative and quality of the products delivered.


Payment terms

The consultancy fee will be negotiated between UNICEF and the contractor based on an initial offer from the contractor. The fee will be paid to the consultant in one or several instalments upon submission and approval of relevant reports and quality deliverables.


Termination of contract

The contract may be terminated by either party before its expiry date by giving a 14 days’ notice in writing to the other party.  However, in the event of termination on the ground of misconduct, UNICEF will be entitled to terminate the contract immediately, without earlier notice. In case of early termination of the contract, the Contractor will be compensated on a pro-rata basis for no more than the actual amount of work completed to the satisfaction of UNICEF.


Application deadline and documents

 Please see details of document requirement on cover page.


EU/UN Joint Project “Enhancing Access to Justice and Development of a Child-friendly Justice System in Georgia” (2016-2018)

State Strategy on Reforming the Justice System for Children 2017 and Action Plan 2017-2021

ECHR judgement “N.Ts v. Georgia” (February 2016)

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