Medical Careers in Ireland

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Henderson Recruitment Agency announces a vacancy for the position: Medical Careers in Ireland

Ireland presents rewarding and exciting career prospects for both new and experienced English-speaking medical doctors. 
Remunerated internships can also be available. 
All nationalities with a good level of English are welcome, with funding available for visas, relocation, and travel for successful candidates. 
Henderson Recruitment Medical is your bridge to fast-track your career into your desired medical position within Ireland’s medical institutions.

We assist you in the preparation of your CV, references, packaging, and presentation to the governing team within the medical institution that deals with your medical specialty, ensuring you get the attention your skill set deserves.
Send us your qualifications, level of experience, and desired position and we’ll advise what positions are available that best match your skill set and expectations.
If you wish to move forwards, we’ll arrange for your CV and other documentation to be presented as a formal employment application on your behalf in order to secure a formal interview. 

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