Google ანგარიშის მენეჯერი

თბილისი სრული განაკვეთი IT Group
მივლინება: არა
ენები: ინგლისური
ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგიები: ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგიები (ზოგადი)

Are you looking for a space for innovation, diversity, and self-development? Then IT Group has the right challenge for you!

IT Group is pleased to announce a vacancy for the position of Google-Account Manager

Your profile:

  • Experience: Previous experience in account creation, management, or related fields is preferred;
  • Technological Skills: Familiarity with proxies, anti-detect browsers, and other tools used to mask online activities would be advantageous;
  • Attention to Detail: The ability to meticulously replicate real user behaviour while avoiding patterns that might trigger fraud detection mechanisms is crucial for this role;
  • Analytical Mindset: A keen eye for detecting anomalies and the capacity to interpret and report on the results of the testing process;
  • Security Consciousness: Awareness of the ethical and legal considerations related to using and testing accounts in this manner;
  • Adaptability: The internet landscape is continually evolving, and you must be adaptable to stay ahead of new challenges and developments in the anti-fraud domain;
  • Level of English: at least upper-intermediate

Your day-to-day contribution:

  • Account Creation: You will be tasked with creating a steady stream of new Google accounts, ensuring that they appear authentic and legitimate;
  • Account Management: Monitor and maintain the created accounts, including performing periodic updates and adjustments to mimic genuine user activity;
  • Documentation: Keep detailed records of the account creation and management process, documenting the steps taken and any observations made during the testing phase;
  • Anti-Detection Tools: Utilizing a range of anti-detection tools, such as proxies and anti-detect browsers, you will simulate the behaviour of real users to evaluate the robustness of our anti-fraud measures;
  • Collaboration: Work closely with our team of PPC specialists to provide feedback and insights based on your findings, contributing to the ongoing improvement of the process.

What will be next:

  • I step: HR interview (30 minutes);
  • II step: introduction to the team (2 hours);
  • III step: final decision.

Our benefits package:

  • Inspiring and diverse culture surrounded by experienced and enthusiastic colleagues;
  • Flexible working hours to ensure your work-life balance;
  • Ability to choose to work remotely or at the office;
  • Star players/Top Salary policy;
  • Unlimited paid vacation days;
  • Attractive package of medical insurance;
  • Inspiring and diverse culture surrounded by experienced and enthusiastic colleagues;
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development: monthly compensation for your leisure activities, fully paid courses and workshops, etc.;
  • An active corporate life: team-buildings, sports activities, corporate parties, etc;
  • A collaborative and welcoming environment for your initiatives.

Are you ready to take on this challenge? Send your CV at: