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MİTAŞ ENERGY and Metal Construction, Inc. is a premium brand in the Energy Transmission Market that provides our customers manufacturing, engineering and EPC contracting services on a global basis. We provide a complete, in-house solution with a well-documented quality management system that covers all facets of our business. Since its inception in 1955, MİTAŞ ENERGY and Metal Construction, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to the market by way of its consistent investment in people, equipment and facilities. Manufacturing MITAS Energy takes advantage of the efficiencies provided by modern CNC machinery and fully automated galvanizing systems to ensure that all of our products fully comply with the demands of our quality management system and applicable international standards. To ensure that MITAS Energy maintains its place as an industry leader we regularly review technological advancements available to our processes and implement those that further enhance our capabilities. MITAS Energy has three manufacturing campuses, two in Ankara and one in İzmir. In total, our facilities occupy 200,000 m2 with 77,000 m2 under roof. Annual production capacity for steel lattice towers is 180,000 metric tons and, annual capacity for galvanization is 292,000 metric tons. EPC Contracting MİTAŞ Energy has delivered on-time completion of many local and international projects for the construction and commissioning of overhead power transmission lines on turnkey / EPC/ EPC F basis. Our responsibilities for these projects include design, engineering, development, surveying, procurement, construction of civil infrastructure, erection, conductor stringing and energizing/commissioning of both new and existing power transmission lines that are in need of updating. Engineering & Design We provide engineering and consultancy services specialized in the design and detailing of overhead power transmission line towers, using the latest technology software packages such as PLS-CADD, PLS-Tower, PLS-Spole, Tekla-Xsteel, Autocad, Sap 2000 and All Pile. We also conduct full-scale load tests for overhead power transmission line towers.


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