Events&Sales Manager

თბილისი სრული განაკვეთი რესტორანი დეპო
მივლინება: არა ხელფასი: 2000
გაყიდვები: გაყიდვების მენეჯერი ტურიზმი/გართობის სექტორი: ღონისძიებების მენეჯერი

  • Strictly control events and communication with all departments.
  • Being responsible for reservations via all internet platforms during working days.
  • Providing social media support for events:creating fb events and georgian texts for instagram posts.
  • Providing from 4 to 10 events per month.
  • Being responsible for reservations for more than 10 ppl and their special requests.
  • Creating an event schedule for two months, creating conceptions for the event,communicating with artists and equipment companies.
  • Creating events with the lowest possible cost.
  • Inform manager, chef/ sou-chef and service team of all the needed information about the event.
  • Regular control of right communication with departments.
  • Research and bringing new b2b clients to the company.
  • having an upsale scheme with partner companies. taking care of their satisfaction
  • manage service members during free time.
  • Having full information about events not later than a week before the event and spreading information between departments.
  • Completing tasks of the general manager and the owner.
  • Communication to every partner company and taking care of partnership.
  • Help service members during events if needed.
  • Manager on duty.
  • Regular communication between chef and general manager.
  • Control the whole picture, stuff and grooming standards.
  • Being the face of the restaurant during service, while having free time – greeting guests, passing by regular guests, providing info about events, new dishes etc.research for potential situations for building friendship.

SALARY:1000 GEL Stable +5% of profit of the event or big reservations(Approximately 2000-2500 gel)

Please send your CV to the following email address